Ukrainian Parliament anticipates yet another coup in Ukraine this fall

19.07.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian MP Evgeny Balitsky claimed that a military coup d’etat will take place in Ukraine in fall. He made this claim on July 19 in an interview to Ukrainian media. The video of the interview is available on YouTube.

In fall we will face the genocide of our people, with tariff genocide. The situation will be such that it will simply be out of control. And what is happening in the world today, military coups, — this is what will happen to us in fall, because the patience will run out,” Balitsky said.

He added that tariffs in Ukraine are growing because the current authorities steal more than public servants in the times of the former president of Ukraine Yanukovych did.

On July 17 Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov commented on the rumors of the possibility of a mutiny in Ukraine. According to him, such talks are “stupid”. He also noted that the spread of rumors regarding the upcoming overthrow of the authorities must not become a pretext for repressions against members of the nationalist battalions.

Earlier on the same day Ukrainian MP Vladimir Parasyuk claimed that Nazi “Azov” battalion is capable of organizing the change of authority by force. The rest nationalist battalions, according to the MP, were intentionally weakened or taken under control by the president Pyotr Poroshenko, and only “Azov” obeys Avakov, who, as the MP claims, has a bad history with the head of the state.

In late June Ukrainian MP Sergei Leshenko claimed that Avakov may use force to come to power.



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