Visited Sophia after her operation

02.06.2016, Yasinovataya.

Texas and “Essence of Time” mission members in Donbass visited Sophia in Yasinovataya. She had to stay in bed for two weeks, so that her tendons could heal. It is now two days since Sophia stands on her feet a bit, basically, she learns how to walk again. She will have to wear special plastic boots for some time. It is hard for Sophia to stand now, which is why her mother is supporting her all the time. But now she can stretch her legs and arms, and we believe that soon she will be able to go outside and play with other children, run and ride a bicycle.

Texas handed Sophia a gift from Pedro from Britain – he sent her a denim jacket and a post card with warm wishes.

We all worry about Sophia and hope that soon it will be easier for her to walk. Get well, Sophia!

“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass


December 31, 2015: New Year presents for Sophia

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