Six Ukrainian servicemen killed during the Ukrainian army attack on DPR positions

26.05.2016, Avdeevka.

Six Ukrainian servicemen died during the attempt of the Ukrainian army to breach the positions of Donetsk People’s Republic Armed Forces near Avdeevka, DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin claimed today during his daily briefing in Donetsk News Agency press-center.

I want to emphasize that our positions in the area of the industrial zone in Avdeevka were attacked by the 58th Ukrainian army brigade today after noon as a result of a yet another criminal order of the military-political commanders of Ukraine. Ukrainian army commanders are responsible for the death of six servicemen and injury of approximately 10,”  he said.

Basurin added that Ukrainian divisions were driven back to their initial positions, however, two DPR servicemen died and one was injured repelling the attack.

The Defense Ministry representative said that the combat started after 12 in the afternoon on May 26. Ukrainian military tried to flank DPR positions in Yasinovataya checkpoint area from one side and enter the Yasinovataya crossroads on the other side. “The task was to cut Donetsk-Gorlovka route, so that the path to Donetsk would be open for them (Ukrainian army — Editor),” Basurin said. “I will meet Hug (Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Mission — Editor) and will tell him about this.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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