Donbass: ‘Harmony’ kindergarten needs new windows

Last year we reported on the damage to the “Harmony” kindergarten building on Putilovka street near Donetsk airport. The complex has excellent sports facilities such as sports hall with equipment, swimming pool, sauna and go-cart track with traffic lights.

This is the only kindergarten with such facilities in Donetsk. Before the war around 250 children attended the complex daily. Now with most of the windows broken and severe damage to the roof caused by “Grad” artillery shelling has made the building unusable.

This has been the case since May 2014 when fighting started at Donetsk airport.

The staff did a temporarily fix on the roof with hard board and polythene sheeting but the roof is still leaking. The area around Putilovka street is relatively quiet now, but building repair work has not been prioritised yet.

The electricity in the building, the furniture and sports equipment can be damaged with the damp from windows and the roof. This is why we took the decision to start donations to cover the cost of the repairs. We have had estimates of the cost to do the repairs.

The head teacher Mrs Neonila Leonidovna took us around the complex and told us what they went through during the attack.

The desire to help came from our German anti-fascists comrades, who also began collecting donations in Europe through the Facebook group «Spendenaktionen für Novorossia».

Everyone can help in the restoration of the “Harmony” kinder garden in Donetsk.

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