Provocations on Victory Day in Ukraine

09.05.2016, Ukraine.

Radicals conducted a number of provocations on Victory Day in Ukraine, TASS reports on May 9.

A conflict erupted on the memorial rally “Immortal Regiment” in Kiev, which gathered approximately 10 thousand people. It was provoked by a man who saw a ribbon of Saint George (a symbol associated with Victory Day over Nazi Germany in modern Russia. When modern Ukrainian fascists invaded Donbass, it became one of the symbols of resistance – Editor) on a woman’s clothes and demanded to take it down. Police had to get the man out of the column to avoid clashes.

Unidentified people also sprayed tear gas as the Kiev “Immortal Regiment” column was moving.

Nationalists in Kharkov attacked a group of young activists near the Memorial of Glory. The activists had ribbons of Saint George and were shouting “Fascism will not pass!”

Also in Kharkov radicals beat City Council member Andrey Lesik for wearing ribbon of Saint George on his chest.

In Slavyansk (a city in Donbass occupied by Kiev’s punitive forces after the betrayal of Igor Strelkov-Girkin, who was supposed to defend the city. For more information on this traitor please see the extended editor’s note in this link – Editor) nationalists threw eggs at the Victory Day demonstration and spilled Brilliant Green at it, including the column in which the veterans of the Great Patriotic War were marching.

After the coup d’etat of 2014, as well as the ascension to power of Poroshenko’s profascist government, steady struggle against historical memory continues in Ukraine. The newly adopted law banned Communist symbols, including the Banner of Victory. What better gift could the fascists of the world get than this? This is how Ukraine supports Nazism, while covering itself with “fighting” against it.



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