Donbass: Children living on the front line visit aqua park in Donetsk

Ukrainian artillery shelling is heard in Gorlovka each day. Children, who live there, have a constant sense of threat, they constantly see destroyed houses around.

In December the members of “Essence of Time” unite got to know a family which lives on the very frontline in the Gagarina (Glubokaya) mining village. Kind people sent children’s clothes and donated money for them. We bought food products for them and together with Russell Bentley (“Texas”) gave them a certain amount of money in cash.

Elena and Natalya, the mothers of those families, decided to use this money for organizing a trip for the kids from their neighbourhood to the aqua park in Donetsk. “Children must have a childhood”, they said. Twenty children from Glubokaya village relaxed and received many positive emotions. However, the war is not over yet and the children have to get home early, before the shelling starts…

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