Syrian opposition is against ground operation of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syria

15.02.2016, Syria.

Syrian opposition Supreme Negotiating Committee (SNC) speaks against any foreign troops on the territory of Syria, including Saudi Arabia ground operation in the country, the official spokesman of SNC Riyadh Agha said to Sputnik news agency.

The Turkish invasion and the ground operation announced by Saudi Arabia are a part of the international antiterrorist coalition operation and shouldn’t have anything to do with the opposition’s plan to topple (Syrian President Bashar) Assad. We do not want to see foreign troops on our land. We want Russian Federation to stop the air strikes, and Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to retreat,“- said Agha.

Saudi Arabia authorities said earlier that they are ready to send troops to Syria as part of fighting against terrorism, but only if the possible operation will be arranged with the international coalition led by the United States. As the Advisor to the Minister of Defense of the Saudi Arabia Ahmed Asiri said to the TV channel “Al Arabiya”, the principal agreement is reached.

Readiness to join Saudi Arabia was earlier expressed by the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. According to the Guardian, Riyadh could send several thousands of soldiers to Syria, and the operation can be carried out in coordination with Turkey.

Turkish media reported about the invasion of a hundred of Turkish troopers to the Syrian territory last week. Minister of National Defense denied this information, and at the same time he confirmed that the aircraft the Saudi Arabia Air Force will be now based in Turkey.

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