Passenger bus exploded at Ukrainian checkpoint, Ukrainian army refused to help the injured

12.02.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian military refused to help the victims of the bus explosion because these people were from Donetsk, according to Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

DPR Defense Ministry earlier reported that a passenger bus exploded on a mine at one of the Ukrainian checkpoints. According to the Ukrainian side information, it was a minibus that drove from Donetsk and blew up by approaching the checkpoint of Ukrainian army near the village Maryinka.

As a result of explosion, presumably caused by a mine, four people were killed. DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the incident is under investigation, the question of initiating criminal proceedings is being discussed.

The Ukrainian side stated that it refuses to provide help to the injured because these people are from Donetsk “, Basurin said.

Eduard Basurin also added that the shrapnel damaged about 15 cars that were near the site of the blast at that time.

According to another representative of DPR Defense Ministry, at the scene of emergency “the body of a man is still lying.” “We reported the information about the incident to the OSCE mission and the Red Cross“, he said.

A year ago, a bus (line Donetsk-Zlatoustovka) blew up on Ukrainian mine near the town of Volnovakha. 12 people were killed. This was used by the Ukrainian side as a pretext to launching a new punitive operation against its own people in the South-East of Ukraine.

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