Turkey secures the "status of accomplices and traitors"

26.12.2015, Moscow.

The reputation of Turkish authorities might deteriorate even further if Ankara actually provides support to Ukrainian sabotage units, according to the Head of the Russian Parliamentary Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Irina Yarovaya. By doing so Turkish authorities secure the status of accomplices and traitors, Yarovaya said.

Earlier one of the organizers of the Crimea blockade Lenur Islyamov said that the Turkish Defense Ministry started providing military aid to the Crimean Tatar “volunteer battalion” which is being created in Ukraine. The purpose of the battalion, according to Islyamov, is to “strike Crimea”.
According to Yarovaya, Europe must finally understand that it creates a real threat for itself by turning a blind eye to the behavior of its “fosterlings”.
Source: RIA Novosti

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