Retired Ukrainian pre-Nazi coup National Guard Lieutenant Colonel moves to Lugansk People's Republic

25.12.2015, LPR.

Reserve National Guard Lieutenant Colonel of Ukraine Yury Smirnov joined Lugansk People’s Republic after the decree issued by the Republic’s head, Igor Plotnitsky, that law enforcement officers returning to the Republic will not be persecuted, Lieutenant Colonel told to the journalists himself.

Earlier, the head of LPR stated that law enforcement officers and everyone who voluntarily or for other reasons left the region to Ukraine after the conflict started, but now want to return, will not be persecuted.

I resigned having served for 23 and a half years about a year ago, I decided not to stay for a little longer to have 25 years of service, I saw the situation in the National Guard itself, in Donbass, and couldn’t remain in the army any longer. Friends called me and said that there is a decree of the head of LPR that law enforcement officers who did not participate in the punitive operations may come, they will not be persecuted,” Smirnov said.

According to him, he decided to resign after the events on the Maidan, where he was together with the police and saw the “peaceful demonstrators” throw petrol bombs at his fellow servicemen and himself. Smirnov said that he was able to resign only a year ago and instantly decided to go back to LPR where his family lived, but hesitated.

I was in Kharkov, there was different information regarding Donbass and about what was here. There was no specific information on what will happen to you once you come. Basement, death. Some say you may come, others say you can’t. And I have already decided that I won’t stay away from my family, my family remained here for the whole time“, Smirnov said.

According to him, once he arrived to Lugansk, he instantly went to the State Security Ministry where, to his surprise, he had a talk and was allowed to go. Smirnov informed that he would like to return to military service, but doesn’t know if he will be admitted in LPR military. “The question is will they trust me. This doesn’t depend on me now,” he emphasized.

Source: RIA Novosti

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