Over 650 tons of food products and medicine delivered to DPR by new Russian humanitarian convoy

28.11.2015, DPR.

The Center for Recovery Management reported that the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations delivered to Donetsk’s People Republic over 650 tons of food and medicine by the latest humanitarian convoy on November 26.

According to the Center for Recovery Management, 300 kg of medical equipment is assigned for the Donetsk Regional Laboratory Center and one ton of medicine will go to Republican hospitals.

‘White trucks’ delivered 87.5 tons of canned meat, 67.5 tons of fish, 55 tons of milk, 55 tons of wheat cereals, 40 tons of semolina, 38 tons of barley, 44.5 tons of peas, 112 tons of vegetable oil and 140 tons of sugar,” the Center’s public affairs office listed.

The unloading of the convoy involved 293 volunteers.

Source: Donetsk News Agency

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