Pentagon trains professional Bandera Nazi terrorists

26.11.2015, Ukraine.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said that the second phase of US military aid to the Kiev junta was launched. As a part of this support, US military instructors will be training a spetsnaz battalion based in the city of Khmelnitsky. They will train another five battalions of more primitive punitive forces at Yavorov training grounds in the Lvov region.

It is known that, beyond the officially declared show-off, Washington is conducting behind-the-scene formation of real sabotage and terrorist groups of specialized professionals of the Soviet military school who remained on the territory of Bandera Nazi Ukraine.

The failures of the junta in military confrontations with the liberation army of Donbass forced Kiev to place a bet on the subversive and terrorist activity in conjunction with the informational and psychological brainwashing machine. Bandera tradition of punitive activity and the rich experience of secret US intelligence operations have created a space in Ukraine for all kinds of provocations and acts of violence committed in secret, or “under false colours”. The victims of such acts are, more often than not, civilians, transport and infrastructure. There is also a growing effort to export Bandera terrorism beyond the territory of Donbass and Ukraine in general.


Source: TASS

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