Vladimir Putin: Russia Proposed Better Conditions of Ukraine Debt Restructuring

17.11.2015, Ukraine.

Russia yet again makes concession to Ukraine by offering the postponement of debt repayment to 2016-18. Ukraine will repay the debt by $1 billion a year.

We have made, in my view, a surprise proposal to our partners. We have not just agreed to restructure the Ukraine debt; we have proposed conditions that are even better than what International Monetary Fund asked of us,” Russian President said.

We had been asked to postpone the repayment to the next year in the amount of $3 billion. I said that we are ready for even deeper restructuring. We are ready to receive no money at all this year, and to receive $1 billion in the next year, another $1 billion in 2017, and one more billion in 2018,” Vladimir Putin said.

Source: TASS

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