Ukrainian Village Residents Complain About Nationalist Battalion Violence

09.11.2015, Donetsk.

The residents of Rozovka village, located in junta controlled territories of Donetsk region, have addressed a complain to the Donetsk People’s Republic authorities about the outrage of Aidar volunteer battalion militants, according to the Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin, TASS news agency reports.

Systematically perpetrated brutality, looting and violence will lead to a rush of resentment among local people. As an example, the residents of Rozovka village, located southwest of Gorlovka town, where a unit of Aidar battalion was deployed, are already requesting for help,” Defense Ministry representative said.

According to Basurin, the Donetsk People’s Republic had detected the deployment of nationalist militants with heavy weapons in their possession earlier.

However, the Defense Ministry representative has expressed his hope that the process of political settlement will promote stabilization of the situation. After the meeting of the “Normandy Four”, there is a hope for stabilization of the situation in the conflict zone,” he said.


Sourse: TASS

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