Event in support of Russian position on Syria and Ukraine took place in New York

28.09.2015, New-York.

Several dozen “Russian Youth in America” and International Schiller Institute activists held an event in New York Times Square in support of Russian peace initiatives on settling the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

The participants have distributed several hundred flyers to the residents and visitors of New York explaining the position of Moscow on international relations questions, as well as ribbons of Russian flag colors. They have discussed the current problems of world politics with the people who gathered on the square. The event continued for three hours.

The people eagerly engaged in conversations with the activists and expressed their opinions. “Russia is one of the few states which deserve respect today,” a New York resident who introduced himself as Timothy said. “You, Russians, remember the true values, the family, religion, God. I respect that.” “The heads of states should spend more time on cooperation, not rivalry,” said Gabriela Monagas from Columbia. “Together we can do more, as compared to when we are one by one, this can be said in relation to Syria.


Source: TASS

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