Socialists and "Our Party" join Maidan in Kishinev

27.09.2015, Kishinev.

The coalition of Moldova socialists and “Our Party” have declared joining the indefinite protest in Kishinev.

A total of 50 thousand people participate in the event. We launch a non-stop protest with this demonstration,” the leader of socialists Igor Dodon said.

It is worth noting that socialists use the rhetoric standard for all “colored revolutions”: covering the fight against the national government with a pretext of fighting against corruption and oligarchs. This way, the leader of socialists claims that the citizens of Moldova do not trust the pro-European direction the country is moving.

We need to liberate the country from oligarchs and return the trust of citizens in the state,” Dodon claims.

The protesters didn’t decide where the tent camp will be located. The leader of “Our Party” Renat Usaty says that “over 100 tents have been placed near the Parliament. Another 800 people have expressed the desire to join the protest today. We have reserved the places near the Parliament, Presidential residence and other governmental buildings, but we will decide on the location of the tent camp later.

So far the participants of the coalition agreed on not using the party symbols and work solely under Moldovan flags. The police doesn’t interfere in the destabilization of the protest, according to Dodon, because the protest “is absolutely legally organized.


Source: TASS

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