Poroshenko: Saakashvili can become Prime-Minister of Ukraine after December 11

25.09.2015, Kiev.

Pyotr Poroshenko replied to the people’s petition which asked to assign the ex-President of Georgia the Prime-Minister of Ukraine. He noted that Saakashvili cannot be assigned to this post because he didn’t express the desire to become Prime-Minister. Besides, legally the new PM can only be assigned no sooner than a year after the current PM’s Cabinet of Ministers program was approved by the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) – that means, no sooner than December 11, 2015.

It is worth noting that Poroshenko published the commentary to the petition after meeting with US senator John McCain. McCain arrived to Ukraine on September 23. The fact that McCain first visited Odessa where he had a meeting with Saakashvili, and only then went to Kiev to the President and Prime-Minister surprised the experts.

Source: TASS

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