Protesters in Donetsk demand "Doctors Without Borders" to publish a report on its work

24.09.2015, Donetsk.

A protest rally took place in the capital of Donetsk People’s Republic near the local office of the international organization “Doctors Without Borders” (MSF).

Over 200 Donetsk residents took part in the protest, according to one of the participants Ivan Letsky.

227 Donetsk residents have voiced their discontent at the international organization “Doctors Without Borders” due to the latest incident in Lugansk People’s Republic.

LPR State Security Ministry has uncovered psychotropic drugs illegally stored in MSF warehouses in Lugansk. This fact caught the attention of activists in DPR who have organized a rally on September 22 with the help of social networks.

Everyone who wanted to participate was invited to join the rally, people came with self-made banners“, Letsky said. “We demanded MSF to report on their latest work, including on collaboration with hospitals and military hospitals, as well as present the documents to the citizen on the drugs they have and the license on these drugs.

According to the participant of the rally, “Doctors Without Borders” representatives have come out to speak with the protesters.

The organization was unable to present lots of documents, either due to disagreements with the Health Ministry, or due to their own unwillingness to do so“, Letsky said. “The workers of “Doctors Without Borders” were visibly nervous and tried to change the topic.”


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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