LPR and DPR have no choice but to hold local elections in accordance with own laws

LPR and DPR will hold local elections in accordance with their own laws because Ukraine did not prepare a single document regarding the elections in Donbass which would be in accordance with the Minsk Agreement. This was stated by the head of the “Special Status” sociological center, Doctor of Political Sciences Aleksandr Protsenko.

Currently there is not a single regulation in Ukraine according to which holding elections in Donbass would be possible, and at the same time, which would correspond to the context of the Minsk agreements, said Aleksandr Protsenko.

Ukraine did not ‘take care’ of this part of its commitments,he added.

That is, in this situation, with the Ukrainian side not fulfilling its obligations, DPR and LPR can only fulfill their obligations by holding the elections according to their [DPR and LPR – ed.] regulatory and legal discretion, since Ukraine didn’t provide them with anything else – didn’t even bother to provide compromise or coordination.

At the same time, Aleksandr Protsenko said that elections which are being prepared by 18 October not imply election of deputies of all levels.

That is, we can assume that, if Ukraine will take an interest and constructive attitude and will be willing to at least somehow coordinate regulations with representatives of the Republic, then it has a chance to participate in the development of regulatory and legal procedures,” – said Aleksandr Protsenko.

Earlier, the head of DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko signed a decree on the elections to local authority bodies which will be held in Donetsk Republic on October 18 this year.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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