Neo-Nazis march in Kharkov in support of opposition journalist murderers

12.09.2015 20:11, Kharkov.

Representatives of several Neo-Nazi organizations have marched in Kharkov in support of Oleg Polishuk and Andrey Medvedko who are suspected of murdering Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina.

Many of the participants of the march wore masks. They were burning flares and shouting “Freedom to the patriots”. Earlier Kharkov city council tried to ban the march.

The suspects participated in the Maidan protests, participated in the punitive operation on Donbass. Medvedko served in “Kiev-2” volunteer battalion, Polishuk – in 54th Defense Ministry recon brigade. Medvedko was also an activist of “C14” nationalist group. Both deny murdering Buzina.

This is not the first Neo-Nazi march in support of the journalist’s murderers.


Source: RT

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