Kiev junta’s militants are provoking LPR militia more often

08.09.2015, LPR.

The number of provocations by Kiev junta has increased on territories near the contact line in the past four days, according to LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko.

Ukrainian military has conducted 14 provocations in order to provoke our units to return fire.

He told that the provocations have been noted in areas occupied by the junta – near Popasnoye, Sizoye, Zheltoye, Katerinovka. Cases when the punitive forces have shelled their own positions have also been registered. “All noted provocations are registered and filed to the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination,” Yashenko said.

Yashenko has pointed out that Kiev has increased the number of informational provocations as well.

By airing lies the Ukrainian media are trying to defame us in the eyes of the world community and accuse us of violating the Minsk Agreements.


Source: RIA Novosti

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