Aleksandr Zakharchenko: Poroshenko ignores peaceful initiatives of DPR

02.09.2015, DPR.

The Kiev junta continues to ignore the peaceful initiatives of the DPR aimed at finding compromise on constitutional reform and local elections, according to the head of Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko.


Kiev demonstratively ignored and continues to ignore every our initiative aimed at finding a compromise solution of the conflict. We have repeatedly offered the Ukrainian representatives our version of the constitutional reform and offered to start a dialogue to develop the procedure for local elections which would suit for both parties. But there were no reciprocal steps except for openly provocative statements made by Kiev.

According to him, local elections in DPR will be held on October 18th.

I repeat once again – DPR will hold local elections on October 18th. Elections will be held according to Donetsk People’s Republic legislation, in accordance with the Minsk Agreements and taking relevant OSCE standards into account.

In defiance of the Minsk Agreements Poroshenko has stated that Donetsk and Lugansk should abandon the local elections and called to start an immediate discussion of modalities of holding elections according to Ukrainian legislation during his meeting with OSCE Special Representative Martin Sajdik.


Source: RIA Novosti


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