Kiev junta's Interior Ministry: Kiev will be patrolled by armored vehicles

01.09.2015 16:20, Kiev.

Kiev center will be patrolled by armored KrAZ “Cougar” vehicles, Ivan Varchenko, the counselor to the Interior Minister on Ukrainian “112” channel. He added that, apart from armored vehicles, Kiev will be patrolled by 2,2 thousand National Guard and volunteer battalions servicemen; dogs are supposed to be used for patrolling as well.

How long and how much of the capital will be patrolled depends on how the events will develop, but we won’t let anyone to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, anti-Ukrainian forces will not be able to take advantage of the tragedy near the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – ed.).

He specified that the armored vehicles will patrol Kreshatik, Grushevskogo street where the Verkhovnaya Rada and the cabinet of ministers is (the two streets where the “Euromaydan” coup mostly took place – ed.), as well as Basseynaya street which leads to the Central Election Commission.


Source: RIA Novosti

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