Kiev junta tightens its grip on the throat of Ukrainians to get Western loans

01.09.2015, Ukraine.

Kiev increased the utility rates yet again in order to receive the next slice of foreign loans. Minimal electricity rate has increased another 24,6% from September 1st.

Electricity, gas, heating and hot water rates were already increased in April – back then the gas rates went up on an average of 285%. The increase in electricity rates caused the increase in water rates to go up between 4% and 100%. Electricity rates are expected to rise in five stages, growing 3,5 times by March 2017.

The new Ukrainian government suggests that population should install two season electricity meters and change their lifestyle to a more night-oriented one – since electricity is twice as cheap at night. Prior to hryvna fall, a meter  able to measure electricity at “daytime” and “nighttime” rate would cost 2,5 thousand hrivnas installation excluded.


Source: RIA Novosti

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