New clashes erupt near Ukrainian Parliament

31.08.2015 14:26, Kiev.

The demonstrators opposing the adoption of decentralization amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution have once again clashed with police and National Guard near the Verkhovnaya Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, RIA Novosti reports from the site.

After the rally near the Rada has ended, the demonstrators started to leave. However, they have encountered the National Guard near the Rada, on Grushevskogo street. After a verbal exchange with National Guard members, the demonstrators have surrounded them and started beating them. Another hundred policemen have come to their aid.

The first clashes have erupted today after the voting for the authority decentralization amendment to the Ukrainian Constitution. The radical Nazi party members participated in both demonstrations and clashes, including radical Ukrainian Parliament members. According to the latest estimates, approximately 100 people were injured.


Source: RIA Novosti

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