Aleksandr Turchinov has ‘ordered a hit’ on DPR head

30.08.2015 07:49, Kiev.

The Secretary of Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council has addressed the Ukrainian spetsnaz militants heading to Donbass.

During the meeting Turchinov has asked the future punitive forces if he can count on receiving the current head of Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko “in a bag”. Having received a positive response, he shook the hand of the emboldened militant and thanked him in advance for serving Ukraine.

The head of DPR has laughed at the event in response.

I invite Turchinov to try. I even promise to make it easier for him and stand on my crutches, although it probably won’t help him either way.

I have seen the Ukrainian army spetsnaz many times in Debaltsevo – eight prisoners. Somehow it happened that we captured them.


Source: LifeNews

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