Donetsk mayor's office: three districts shelled, four people injured

27.08.2015 07:39, Donetsk.

According to Donetsk mayor’s office, several villages were shelled at night, four people are injured.

On the evening of August 26 and night of August 26-27 Aleksandrovka village (Petrovsky district), Oktyabrsky village (Kuybyshevsky district), Staromikhaylovka and Abakumova villages (Kirovsky district) were heavily shelled by the Ukrainian army.

Direct hits and multiple fires have been registered in Aleksandrovka village on Chelyuskintsev street (3 houses), Kirova street (1 house), Lenina street (1 house), Gorkogo street (5 houses) and Shevchenko street (1 house). Three people were injured, according to the present information.

In Oktyabrsky village one apartment building on Luzina street was hit directly and caught fire. One person was injured, according to the present information.

In Staromikhaylovka village one house was hit directly and caught fire on Komsomolskaya street. One country was house was heavily damaged by a direct hit in Abakumova village.


Source: Donetsk Mayor’s Office

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