Donetsk: Kiev's militants have shelled western Donetsk outskirts, rail tracks damaged

25.08.2015 9:45, Donetsk

Kiev junta’s militants have shelled the railroad infrastructure of Donetsk People’s Republic’s capital. Rail tracks were damaged on Rutchekovo-Krasnogorovka line (western Donetsk outskirts), according to Ministry of Transport, Donetsk News Agency reports.

On August 24,2015, at 10 in the morning over 25 meters of railroad tracks were damaged, one ferroconcrete railroad tie was broken on the ninth kilometer of Rutchekovo-Krasnogorovka line as a result of an artillery shelling by the Ukrainian army.

There were no human victims. The circumstances of the event and the amount of damaged is being specified.

Earlier DPR Ministry of Transport has stated multiple times that constant shelling aimed specifically at strategic objects of the railroad is a telling sign that Kiev is shelling on purpose.

Transportation infrastructure becomes the Ukrainian army’s target which serves the purpose of stiffening the siege of the region and inflicting maximum damage upon the region.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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