Ukraine's (In)dependence day

24.08.2015 07:43, Ukraine

Ukraine’s Independence day is traditionally celebrated in such a fashion that it gets harder and harder to be proud of your own country and love it. August 24 is the day of village in the city. Vyshyvanka (traditional Ukrainian clothes – ed.) parades in the city, varenyky speed eating contests, gopak dancer contests, show of blacksmith and potters’ excellent work. Two century old rural Ukraine on the streets of modern cities.

Nobody thinks that projects for the future Ukraine should be presented on Ukraine’s Independence day, that the contours of the renewed state should be discussed instead of piling the squares with craft guild archaic. Modern Ukraine has no achievements to proudly present to its citizens, which is why Kiev is cultivating the serfdom age aesthetic.

Now this day should be renamed to Dependence day of the country. Judge yourselves – multiple foreigners have became members of the Ukrainian government. Ministers Yaresko (USA – ed.), Abromavicius (Lithuania – ed.) and Kvitashvili (Georgia – ed.); governor Saakashvili and his vice-governor Gaydar. The American State Department’s spawns are making a guinea pig out of Ukraine for their horrifying reform experiments, repairing the consequences of which will be the burden of many generations of Ukrainians to come. President Poroshenko, together with Prime minister Yatsenyuk today can’t be called independent political figures as well. In practice the state is run by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, the President and Prime minister are the obedient executors of his political will.

Ukrainian nationalists loved to shout the motto “Remember foreigner – Ukrainian is the master here!” during the Maydan. Now all “Svoboda” and “Right sector” members are somehow quiet. “Reminders” regarding the masters of the Ukrainian land are not heard from them anymore. Pyatt and his assistants have in explained in layman’s terms to the “nationally conscious” that their opinion doesn’t matter and that they will be “wasted” if they will protest against this. Now anyone is a master of Ukraine: Americans, Georgians, Lithuanians, but not Ukrainians.

At the same time the independent Ukraine cannot get rid of the energy dependency from Russia. Recent history has showed that all ambitions for independence tend to quickly disappear as soon as a real need to once again ask Russia of something arises.

It is ludicrous to celebrate Independence day when Ukraine is fully dependent on external players and a civil war rages in the country – and nobody can approximately tell when the civil war will end. Now is a proper time to mourn for independent Ukraine.


Source: LifeNews

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