Donetsk: junta’s militants prepare to encircle Donetsk

23.08.2015 13:41, Donetsk

Kiev’s militants might attempt an offensive attack and try to double-encircle Donetsk, according to DPR military intelligence, says DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin. The Defense Ministry anticipates that a massive offensive by Kiev might be launched on August 24, Ukraine’s Independence day.

According to our data, military personnel of approximately 90 thousand men is currently on the border of DPR. The enemy will most likely strike from south and north of the republic simultaneously and will attack Donetsk with the central strike group. They will try to encircle the city, or even create a twin circle around it.

Basurin has stated that despite a unilateral withdraw of high caliber artillery the militia is prepared to defend against the punitive forces.

We know the positions of the main groups of Ukrainian military. And we know what we can expect from them. Which is why, despite our unilateral withdrawal of weaponry, DPR is in control of the situation, and, if needed, all hardware will be in the right place in the right time.


Source: LifeNews

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