Poroshenko will give new tanks and "Grad" MLR systems to the punitive forces

22.08.2015 11:58, Kharkov

Pyotr Poroshenko is heading towards the new airfield in Chuguevo, Kharkov region, in order to present 170 units of new and repaired military hardware to the punitive forces.

According to junta’s Ministry of Defense, Poroshenko will give 25 tanks, seven “Grad” multiple-launch rocket systems, five “Osa” surface-to-air missile systems, five “Pion-2S7” self-propelled artillery guns, seven “Gvozdika 2S1” self-propelled artillery guns, 20 “Hummer” cars, 20 infantry fighting vehicles, 15 100mm caliber antitank MT-12 guns  and 152 mm MSTA-B howitzers, 30 semi-trailer KRAZ trucks, 25 off-road KRAZ trucks, 10 semi-trailer MAZ trucks.

After the presentation Poroshenko will award junta’s militants who participated in the war in Donbass.


Source: LifeNews

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