DPR received the plan of Ukrainian offensive in Donbass from Ukrainian General Staff: the militants plan to encircle Donetsk

20.08.2015 17:38, Donetsk

Donetsk People’s Republic’s Defense Ministry has announced the plans of the upcoming attack of the Ukrainian army in Donbass, DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin has told today during the briefing in Donetsk News Agency’s press centre.

We have received information regarding the intent of the upcoming actions of the Ukrainian army from a source in the Ukrainian General Staff – believe it or not, there still are real officers there, officers who do not wish to go to war against their own people.

The Ukrainian army plans to launch an attack on Mariupol and Debaltsevo axis after shelling the positions of DPR military, according to him.

Kiev is planning to defeat DPR military by attacking in the direction of Uspenka village from two directions with a “one-point two-sides” technique  to approach the Russian border in order to prevent the escape of civilians to Russia. At the same time Ukraine intents to launch an offensive on the Donetsk axis with two of its strike groups, north and south of Donetsk, in the direction of Ilovaysk in order to encircle the capital of the republic.

The Ukrainian army plans to engage in independent combat with divisions of LPR People’s Militia on the Lugansk axis in order to prevent their redeployment to aid DPR.

Later an active offensive will be launched on the Lugansk axis in order to approach the Russian border.

Kiev’s intent is that this “Blitzkrieg” will allow to defeat the militia and destroy the independent republics, according to the Defense Ministry.

Basurin concluded:

At the same time I would like to remind the wise heads in the Ukrainian General Staff that they have already taken the attempts to implement such “Napoleonic plans”, but all of these ended with Izvarino and Ilovaysk pockets and deaths of a large number of Ukrainian soldiers.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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