22:52, Mariupol: Kiev junta's punitive forces have ran over a woman with a truck

19.08.2015 22:52, Mariupol

A traffic accident involving a military truck occurred in the north-eastern outskirts of Mariupol, in Sartana village, a woman received injuries, according to Kiev junta’s Defense Ministry public affairs office.

The truck belonging to one of the Ukrainian army military bases ran over an 84-year old woman, resident of the village, who has received a traumatic brain injury and a chest bruise. The injured woman was urgently hospitalized to one of Mariupol’s hospitals. Afterwards her son took her home.

The Ministry has informed that road police, Ukrainian army military police and military commandant’s office representatives are working on the accident site. The actions of the driver are being investigated.


Source: TASS


This is not the first accident involving careless driving by Kiev junta’s militants in occupied territories, disregarding the lives of people they are supposedly “saving”. Earlier this year drunk Ukrainian militants have ran an armored military vehicle over a woman, a girl and a child in a stroller in Konstantinovka. The 8-year old girl died. This incident caused outraged of junta-occupied Konstantinovka residents. In turn, the punitive forces were allowed to “shoot-to-kill” in order to quell the unrest.

Kiev junta’s militant guilty of this crime, Marian Rak, was not only released on a bail of approximately 2500 (two and a half thousand) EUR, but, according to junta’s media, retained his duties as battalion commander and continued his duties driving an armored military vehicle. More than that – junta’s President Poroshenko awarded this militant with an Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky 3rd degree “For selfless service and protection of independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine” for “previous service“.

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