LPR representatives appeal to the "Normandy Four" and OSCE to stop the Kiev junta

18.08.2015 23:55, Lugansk

The administration heads of Slavyanoserbsk, Pervomaysk, Veselaya Gora, Oboznoye – Lugansk People’s Republic villages and townships – have addressed the heads of the “Normandy Four” states, OSCE SMM in Ukraine and the world community, LuganskInformCenter reports.

In their address the representatives of LPR offer to “urge the President and the Ukrainian government to stop the bloody madness and withdraw military hardware away from the contact line according to the Minsk agreements.” The text of the address was made public on August 18 during the briefing at LuganskInformCenter where Slavyanoserbsk region administration head Andrey Zagorodnyuk, Metallist township critical services department head Vadim Lukerin and Veselaya Gora village critical services department head Mikhail Kishak.

LuganskInformCenter published excerpts of the address:

On behalf of the peaceful residents of Lugansk regions we address the heads of states of the “Normandy Four”, the OSCE Mission and the world community at this critical moment with a plea for immediate help and an appropriate response to the things that happen on our land, the threat of annihilation!

The Minsk agreements were signed on February 12, half a year ago. The Ukrainian side did not implement a single measure of the agreements. The Ukrainian army have dramatically intensified the shelling of Slavyanoserbsk, Pervomaysk, Veselaya Gora, Oboznoye: civilians get killed, children, elderly, houses, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, infrastructure of villages and townships gets destroyed.

The Ukrainian authorities continue to gather military hardware at the contact line, ignoring the Minsk agreements. 122 mm caliber and 152 mm caliber artillery guns and mortars are used in shelling, weaponry that was supposed to be withdrawn away from the contact line.

We state that our only desire is to leave in accordance with our historical traditions, culture, customs and language, in peace and friendliness with all nations, peoples and states which are not hostile to us.

In this regard we ask the leaders of the “Normandy Four” states, OSCE Mission, the world community and people who care:

– to call the President and the government of Ukraine to stop the bloody madness and withdraw their military hardware away from the contact line in accordance with the Minsk agreements;

– to exercise control over the compliance with the Minsk agreements and hold the violators accountable;

– do not abandon the victims of Ukrainian military’s violent actions with legal and other assistance.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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