14:30, LPR: the intensity of shelling by the junta has increased

18.08.2015 14:30, LPR

The Kiev junta has been shelling Lugansk People’s Republic more intensively in the past days, according to LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko.

The situation in Lugansk People’s Republic People’s Militia area of responsibility can be evaluated as “difficult and tense”.

Yashenko added that since recently LPR territory is “shelled more heavily“.

LPR territory has been shelled over 40 times in the past four days, including more than ten times this night. Kiev’s militants have shelled by tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, 152 mm caliber artillery guns – six times, by 120 mm caliber artillery guns and 120 mm mortars – five times, by 82 caliber mortar – 13 times, by automatic grenade launchers and small arms – eight times. Three People’s Militia servicemen were injured.

Slavyanoserbsk outskirts, the region of Prince Igor’s monument, Pervomaysk outskirts and Veselogorovka village are the most often targets of the shelling, according to Yashenko.

Deputy Commander has pointed out that the Ukrainian military chooses “not only military targets, but targets houses of civilians, as well as other facilities of civil infrastructure“. This fact, according to him, appears to be the “especially cynical“.


Source: RIA Novosti

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