11:27, Novoazovsk: schools and kindergartens in near front-line townships cannot start working due to constant shelling by the Ukrainian army

18.08.2015 11:27, Novoazovsk

The schools and kindergartens of Novoazovsk region townships close to the front-line will not be able to start working on September 1 because the Kiev junta’s militants constantly shell this area, according to Novoazovsk region head Oleg Morgun.

We have made a decision that schools and kindergartens in Primorskoye and Krasnoarmeyskoye townships will not open. These two townships get regularly shelled in the past three days and it is not safe to be there.

The students who attended the schools of these townships will be either taken to school in Kazatskoye village on buses, or individual education will be organized, according to Morgun.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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