DPR Defense Ministry refutes US claims that militia supposedly attacked Mariupol

17.08.2015 22:26, DPR

DPR Defense Ministry has refuted the claims of US State Department. Earlier the State Department has claimed that the militia supposedly attacks northern and eastern parts of Mariupol.

Defense Ministry:

Donetsk People’s Republic military remains on its positions and does not engage in any attacks. By using made-up accusations the State official attempts to divert attention of the public from the preparation of the offensive operation by the Ukrainian military, as well as to justify the heavy shelling of peaceful towns and villages of DPR by the Kiev regime, as a result of which women, children and elderly die.

The Ministry pointed out that the militia does not react to provocations of the punitive forces and fully follows the articles of the Minsk agreements.

Earlier on Monday the US State Department has accused the militia for attacking Mariupol from north and east. At the same time the US claims that Kiev violates the ceasefire in Donbass for self-defense.


Source: TASS

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