19:57, DPR: 11 thousand peaceful DPR civilians live near the contact line

17.08.2015 19:57, DPR

The lives of 11 thousand Donetsk People’s Republic residents living at the contact line are daily under threat due to heavy shelling by the Kiev junta’s militants, according to Donetsk Petrovsky district administration head Maksim Zhukovsky.

7.5 thousand people live in Trudovskie township, which can be shelled by the punitive forces “from all sides“, according to Zhukovsky. Another 3,5 thousand people live in Aleksandrovka, which is also being shelled.

Petrovsky district administration head:

60 people have addressed us in the past three days and expressed a desire to move from the shelled regions to a safer place.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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