11:46, DPR: 8 cities of Donbass lost access to water supply after shelling

17.08.2015 11:46, DPR

Eight cities and several townships lost access to water supply as a result of Kiev junta’s militants shelling of Donbass, according to public affairs office of “Water of Donbass” company, which ensures the water supply of the region.

Krasnoarmeysk, Dimitrov, Selidov, Novogrodovka, Volnovaha, Dokuchaevsk, Ugledar and near townships, as well as Avdeevka and partly Yasinovataya do not receive water supply. Water supply to Donetsk is decreased. Gorlovka filtration plant number 1 is not operational as well, the city receives partial water supply from filtration plant number 2.


Source: RIA Novosti

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