9:22, Gorlovka: the shelling of Kiev junta’s militants disrupts water and electricity supply

16.08.2015 9:22, Gorlovka

Ukrainian militants have heavily shelled Gorlovka last night. Several city districts have lost access to electricity and water supply, according to Gorlovka mayor Roman Khramenkov, reports Donetsk News Agency.

Two power lines and one water supply plant were damaged by the Ukrainian army’s night shelling of the city. Several districts of the city lost access to electricity supply. It’s a miracle nobody got hurt.

Two houses in Zaytsevo village were damaged by the shelling, the mayor added.

The public utility services are already repairing the damaged water and electricity supply.

Gorlovka city is one of the “hottest” places on the Donbass contact line. 164 civilians have been killed and 501 were injured by the Ukrainian army’s shelling from January 2015 to July 2015, according to the mayor’s office. More children were killed in Gorlovka by Ukrainian shells than anywhere else – 16 in the first half of this year. Shelling occurs every day, usually at night.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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