16:43, People's Militia: LPR territory came under fire once again

16.08.2015 16:43, LPR

The punitive forces have once again shelled Lugansk People’s Republic territory, according to People’s Militia.

The area around Slavynoserbsk village was shelled for the second time today by a 82 mm caliber mortar. 16 mortar shells were fired at the residential districts at 16:30. The Ukrainian military has also shelled Oboznoye township by a 82 mm caliber mortar.

The People’s Militia Staff insists that this is the way the punitive forces are provoking LPR army to return fire.

The Ukrainian military continues to sabotage the Minsk agreements, we are talking not night shelling anymore, the Ukrainian army divisions are aiming at provoking the divisions of LPR People’s Militia by shelling the territory of the republic at daytime.

Three such cases have been already registered today.


Source: RIA Novosti

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