DPR Defense Ministry: Kiev is lying and tries to justify its shelling of residential districts of Donbass

15.08.2015 14:06, Donetsk

Kiev is trying to justify its shelling of residential districts of DPR accusing the militia of allegedly record violations of ceasefire, according to Donetsk People’s Republic Defense Ministry.

Earlier the junta’s supporters have claimed that militia has violated the ceasefire 175 in the past 24 hours and called this a record number of cases of shelling in the past several months.

DPR Defense Ministry’s representative:

After they shell us we show shells that they fire at us, while they (the Ukrainian military – ed.) make the shelling up. This way they are trying to show that the Minsk agreements are not being followed here, try to justify their own actions against the residents of the republic, to justify shelling residential districts by heavy artillery.


Source: RIA Novosti

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