17:20, DPR: Kiev junta’s militants are shelling southern DPR

15.08.2015 17:20, DPR

The punitive forces have shelled Sakhanka village in Novoazovsk region, southern Donetsk People’s Republic, according to Sakhanka village administration head Aleksandr Pelipas.

The Ukrainian army is currently shelling Sakhanka. The situation in the village is very unstable.

According to the head of the administration, the mobile network is unavailable in the village.

The last thing the people told is that they are hiding in the basements. We will have more detailed information regarding the shelling later.

Kiev junta’s punitive forces have also shelled Kominternovo village in Novoazovsk region of DPR by various types of weaponry.

Kominternovo village, which is near Shirokino, was heavily shelled by the Ukrainian army about an hour ago. We don’t have information regarding the victims and destruction yet.

The head of Sakhanovka village administration had noted that Kominternovo residents are “urgently leaving their houses”.

People are afraid and hurry to leave the village.

Source: Donetsk News Agency

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