08:37, Donetsk: three civilians wounded, one dead after Kiev junta's shelling

13.08.2015 08:37, Donetsk

Donetsk city public affairs office:

On the evening and night of August 12 Oktyabrsky towsnhip of Kuybyshevsky district, Staromikhaylovka township of Kirovsky district and Gorkogo township of Kievsky district got shelled by the Ukrainian army. One civilian died, three are injured.

Two civilians were wounded and a woman died in Oktyabrsky township shelling. Another civilian was wounded by a shell fragment in Staromikhaylovka township.

10 houses in Oktyabrsky were damaged by the junta’s shelling, 2 houses were destroyed in Staromikhaylovka and another house was damaged in Kievsky district, according to the public affairs office.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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