DPR: Turchinov “out of his mind” when he claims that Russian intelligence agencies plan terrorist attacks in Donbass

10.08.2015 21:21, DPR

Aleksandr Turchinov is “absolutely out of his mind“, says DPR Deputy Defense Minister, commenting on the recent claims by Turchinov that Russian intelligence agencies “are working out the scenarios of terrorist attacks” with a number of victims comparable to that of the “Boing” disaster.

A couple of words regarding the claims made today by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Mr. Turchinov who had completely gone insane. Mr. Turchinov, wake up! You personally and your accomplices in Kiev have committed so many war crimes in Donbass that not only you, but your descendants will have to bear the responsibility for the deaths of innocent people without any tribunal. If any of them will remain in Ukraine when all of your regime will fall.

But we will endure and we will secure our rights for a peaceful life, labor and freedom. What is most important is that you wouldn’t flee Ukraine by that time, and answer, together with your accomplices, for all your crimes before the Ukrainian people.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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