9:58, Donetsk: residents demand OSCE publish their reports in local news media

06.08.2015 9:58, Donetsk

Locals who have rallied near the international mission headquarters demand OSCE to publish their reports covering shellings in local news media.
Local resident Valentina Golovko told Donetsk News Agency:

We demand the OSCE mission reports to be published in local news media or on Donetsk Republic websites in order for the people to see what reports the monitors are presenting to their supervisors.

According to the native Donetsk resident Nikolaj, the mission workers who talked to the protesters have only said that they register all crimes and publish reports on their website. Nikolaj told Donetsk News Agency:

We would really want an independent organization to cover the whole situation that is happening here. We would want those guilty to be punished for their crimes as they deserve it, up to the Hague tribunal. We are peaceful people, we want peace.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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