06:29, Spartak: Bandera Nazis have shelled Spartak village by mortars, residential houses caught fire

06.08.2015, 06:29, Spartak

Fires in residential houses started in Spartak village of Yasinovatsky region of DPR as a result of a mortar shelling of Kiev junta militants, according to the region administration.

We woke up in the morning from explosions, now houses caught fire on Molodezhnaya str.

Bandera Nazis have used mortars this time, according to the local authorities.

About five shells hit the village.

Few remaining locals were not harmed by the Ukrainian army fire.

Region administration representative:

A drone was flying around this night, then explosions were heard from the side of Lenina and Sadovaya str. In the morning the shells hit us.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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