18:37, Gorlovka. OSCE: Gorlovka was shelled with artillery caliber over 120 mm

03.08.2015 18:37, Gorlovka

Last weekend Gorlovka was shelled from northwest from a weapon of no less than 120 mm caliber, five people were wounded, including a child, according to the OSCE data published in a daily report of the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine.

The SMM saw evidence of shelling (destroyed roofs of houses, shrapnel damage to residential buildings, blown out windows). On Ambramova Street, the SMM saw a significant crater (over 2m in diameter) close to a house.

The monitors have inspected the explosion craters on Rudakova and Nikalaya Chury str. and concluded that the shells came from north-north-west.

The SMM found weapon fuses in two craters and determined that they were from 122mm or 152mm artillery shells.

The mission was unable to analyze the craters near the nursery school due to

time constraints and the presence of a crowd of 15 middle-aged women who acted in a hostile manner towards the SMM.

The monitors also inform that five people were wounded during a shelling on August 1. An 11-year old girl is among those wounded, according to the SMM. The city militia Staff informs that there was one person who died and four persons wounded.

On the night of August 1 the Bandera Nazis have fired over 500 shells at the peacefully sleeping town, according to the militia Staff.


Source: RIA Novosti, OSCE

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