DPR ombudswoman: dozens of DPR children spend their nights in basements for months, fear of Kiev shelling

30.07.2015 16:54

Many children living near the front line in DPR to this day have no other choice but to spend their nights in the bombshelters and basements, says Donetsk People’s Republic Commissioner for children rights Yana Chepikova.

Forty seven children still remain in bombshelters. This doesn’t mean that they live there all the time, they go there to sleep, they stay there from time to time. Children are very stressed psychologically after the shelling. This doesn’t mean that they want to stay there, it’s just that their parents are afraid, they don’t want their children to be damaged psychologically even more.

At the same time the ombudswoman noted that some children live in bombshelters since August 2 – i.e., for almost a year now. Nevertheless, they continued to visit school during the school year.


Source: RT

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