06:50 DPR: 6 Gorlovka residents wounded in shelling, including 2 children

30.07.2015 06:50 Gorlovka

Four adults and two children were wounded as a result of a night shelling of Gorlovka by the Kiev junta punitive forces, according to the town administration health department.

The town administration specifies:

We have six people wounded in various conditions, two women – 76 and 79 years old and two men – 58 and 52 years old. Two children were wounded as well, boys aged 7 and 14.

Civilians received injuries when Nikitovsky district of the town was shelled.

Town administration:

They were brought from Zaycevo, Glubokaya mine village and Rtutnaya st. The children were wounded by the explosions of the shells on Gagarin st.

Unofficial information claims that two people died in the shelling.

A representative of the local authorities added:

As soon as we receive the bodies and we will be able to name the cause of death, we will let you know. Presumably, one man and one woman died.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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